Advocacy for School Noise Abatement in BC and Canada
1999 to Present

In 1999, Tom Tylka (Vancouver Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing) began addressing ways to improve learning environments for his D/HH students by using tennis balls to decrease background noise. Realizing that classroom noise was negatively impacting D/HH students, Tom carried out a tennis ball study and began to spread the work about the challenges of school noise and learning for DHH students. By 2011, a multi-disciplinary committee, the School Noise Action Group (SNAG) was formed to review local, national and international solutions to school noise. The SNAG coalition advocated Provincially and Federally over the years and Tom has submitted 3 proposals to the National Research Council. Although all levels of government appear to agree that building code standards would be a good thing, the
Province continues to state that it is a Federal responsibility and the Federal government continues to state that it is a Provincial responsibility, thus classroom acoustical standards do not exist in BC or Canada. In 2017, Tom sent a copy of proposal #3 to the Human Rights Commission.


To read more about all acts of advocacy by Tom, the SNAG committee and CAEDHH-BC,

please read the attached document, Summary of Advocacy for School Noise Abatement in BC and Canada

SNAG 1, SNAG 2, and SNAG 3 documents are copies of all the correspondence that has taken
place with all levels of government.

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