About Us

The Canadian Association of Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, formerly The Association of Canadian Educators of the Hearing Impaired (ACEHI), was founded in 1973.

CAEDHH is a national, professional organization of individuals dedicated to and involved with the educational development of individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing in Canada.  Full, associate, and student membership is open to those actively involved in some capacity in the education of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, or those enrolled in teacher training programs leading to qualification as educators of the Deaf and hard of hearing.

The CAEDHH National Executive is made up of the National Director, the Past National Director, and Regional Representatives from the CAEDHH provincial affiliates across Canada.  CAEDHH, together with a provincial affiliate, hosts a National Conference and Biennial General Meeting every second summer.   The CAEDHH Magazine, published twice a year, highlights news and reflects current trends and practice in the field of education of the Deaf and hard of hearing in Canada.

The original CAEDHH logo was designed by Gary Gervis and Gary O. Bunch, the first two National Directors of ACEHI.  The maple leaf, a Canadian icon, is centered in twin and intertwining circles of different color, representing our Canadian heritage. The arrow suggests progress and purpose. Although the name of the organization has changed, the logo and its meaning remain constant.